Data Analysis

Mainnote Limited has been rendering advanced data analysis services. We provide our customers with tailored IT solutions that back up their business decisions with reliable and timely reports and insightful dashboards.

We has been providing BI consulting services to help our customers convert raw data into meaningful insights. To deliver full-range BI services, we scrutinize our customers’ business specifics and needs, tailor the architecture of a future solution, implement it and ensure its support and maintenance.

Our team delivers encompass gathering data from multiple sources (ETL), organizing it in a data warehouse, creating OLAP cubes, as well as designing intuitive data visualization. Our team is ready to handle the projects with both traditional BI and big data.

  • Data collection from different sources
  • Data parsing, cleaning and integration
  • Data warehouse and ETL
  • Online analytical processing (OLAP) for exploratory data analysis
  • Predefined reports and dashboards